Hawthorne & Heaney for Liberty of London Event

Hawthorne & Heaney have been back to our favourite, Liberty of London to celebrate Fathers Day. As usual we were offering our classic monogram onto silk pyjamas.




Along with us, there was a number other demonstrations happening in which customers could purchase engraved gifts for their fathers!


Engraving on to mens wallets.




Engraved ‘DAD’ onto an umbrella tie.


We thought this was a fantastic event run by Liberty and it was such a pleasure to be part it!

Hawthorne & Heaney for Liberty of London Event


Hawthorne & Heaney have been back to our favourite, Liberty of London for the launch of their new range of prints ‘Garden of Beauty’. As usual we were offering our classic monogram onto their beautiful silk scarves, a selection of which can be seen below.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 13.59.49

There are a range if sizes, style and colours for the customers to choose from for their personalised monograms.


IMG_3978Here’s a little example of our large script onto the 70’s inspired orange print.


Hawthorne & Heaney Events presents… ‘Heads Up’ at Liberty London


Internationally converted department store, Liberty London has just run a hat and headwear promotion called ‘Heads Up’, for which Hawthorne & Heaney provided monogramming services on its first day. Featured in ES magazine as shown below, the promotion features lots of big names in Headwear such as Eugenia Kim, Jennifer Behr and Awon Golding. This continues Liberty’s reputation for innovative promotions to encourage traditional skills and interesting brands. Following the success of our monogramming event at Liberty with Liberty scarves and MiH jeans last year, it is exciting to push the expectation of where you would find monogramming, not just on shirts and handkerchiefs but to jeans, hats and more!

Heads up 1

For Wednesday afternoon and evening, we had one of our expert embroiderers stationed in the heart of Liberty, creating these tiny monograms into the rim of hats from the collection. A lovely way to add a subtle but personal touch to a distinctive item or to make a gift extra special.

The monogram is hand drawn, and transferred onto the ribbon in the traditional way before being meticulously hand embroidered. The method hasn’t changed for quite a number of years to say the least so it is a very low tech process, perfect for fascinating spectators as they can watch the letters form stitch by stitch. It’s great to see peoples reactions when they see the skill that goes into adding these little touches. Below you can see the frame and equipment used and a little fancy needle work from our embroiderer showing off her satin stitch.

heads up 4

And here a few examples of the finished articles!

heads up 2

heads up 3

Natasha SP @ Hawthorne & Heaney