Hawthorne & Heaney for Joshua Kane

For his SS16 collection, we worked with Joshua Kane  to create these lightening inspired detail to compliement the tailoring. We came across this great picture of Jack Guiness in one of the jackets with Ben Stiller, giving their best ‘blue steel’ looks and just had to share it with you!


Jack Guinness josh kane goldwork

Here you can see some of the detail of the goldwork that goes unto the collar. The embroidery stands up from the fabric as it has been raised and each piece of bullion is cut to measure and hand applied to create this lux effect.

gold work embroidery collar joshua kane

And here the rest fo the jacket, I think you will agree, it is pretty special.

Josh kane goldwork

Hawthorne & Heaney on Gold work

Here in the H&H studio we have fallen head over heels back in love with Gold work.  After having this lovely piece framed which was on show at the Henry Poole Exhibition at the Bowes Museum, we can;t get enough of this amazing technique.   The series starts with the rubbing (far left) taken from a Privy councillors coatee. This was then turned into a clear trace of the original pattern from which an embroidery draft can be created (centre). The far right image is that of the part finished embroidery showing the various layers that build together to make the final effect of the gold work.

 goldwork frame

frock coat goldwork

Now Spring/Summer 2015 fashion weeks have officially come to a close, we couldn’t help but notice some the the gold  and metal work details popping up. We can always trust that Dolce and Gabbana will display luxurious gold work inspired pieces and this season, they did not fail us.



Dior took a more subtle approach, applying this tradition technique in the details of their long length jackets, bringing a lady like edge to these masculine shape inspired pieces.



If you find yourself interested to know more about this historical technique there is a Beginners Goldwork course at The London Embroidery School starting next Wednesday, so don’t wait to secure your place. You can also find examples of Hawthorne & Heaney’s use of Goldwork in the portfolio of our website:

ANTI-and-PRO-goldwork-embroidery-for-SIBLINGHawthorne & Heaney for Sibling