Hawthorne & Heaney on Interiors

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Hawthorne & Heaney has had lots of request over the years to direct our embroidery expertise to apply some of our embroidery techniques to interiors. Occasionally we have dipped our toes into the interiors world, applying goldwork techniques and monograms to cushions and footstools for example but we thought we would also show you some of the inspiring work we have come across recently:

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We also came across this lovely combination where wall covering meet embroidery as Custhom have incorporated embroidered stitches into the graphic design of this paper to add an usual relief element to your feature wall.

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Within the same theme we also came across this inventive floor design by Lin Wei Ling Victoria who drilled and then embroidered into these floorboards.

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Timorous beasties is a design studio up in Glasgow, founded by two friends, Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons who met and Glasgow school of art. They create fabrics and wallpapers in traditional arrangements but insert unexpected themes, mostly inspired by nature. Their work often has a reflective quality as they explore the relationship between, plants, animals and society, a theme that runs throughout their designs.

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Barnaby Gates is another create duo, Vanessa Barnaby and Alice Gates who create really luxurious wall coverings using specially selected, traditional printing processes for each design. There is a quintessential Britishness to the brand as they choose to print in one of the last remaining print works in the Midlands and it provides the inspiration for most of their works.

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In response to this, we thought we tun our hand to apply some of our embroidery expertise to interior design so working with a variety of brocades, this is what we produced:


red silks

pencil draft

red goldwork

gold japanese threads

If you have a special project in mind and are looking for a way to make it unique, get in touch.