Hawthorne & Heaney for Pip Howsen

pip velvet collar

A few weeks ago we had a wonderful time developing this gorgeous velvet collar design for the lovely Pip Howeson.


We designed a flowing motif of a traditional oak leaf flourish to fit with the aesthetic of the jacket. Then, using machine embroidery, we were able to create three levels of texture to the piece using padding to give the leaves height and acorns height, then using the running stitch for detail. The pieces then when cut to the pattern piece create a symmetrical curve around the collar of the neck meeting at the nape.

2560.10Working on the velvet, it can be tricky not to mark the pile in the process of embroidering it but we were so pleased to see that it sat so well with the other pieces of the jacket when made up.



Hawthorne & Heaney does Joshua Kane SS16


  Joshua_Kane_SS16_002        Joshua_Kane_SS16_017


As London Collections Men, comes to an end we thought we would share our addition to the wonderful collections that have been on show over the last week. From the Joshua Kane Spring/ Summer 2016 Collection, we produced these exciting lightning waistband and collar. The images below demonstrate the detail that goes into them as they are constructed out of raised Gold cutwork edged in Pearle Purl. You can see the depth of the work though the shadow that is created by them.


IMG_8455 IMG_8454 IMG_8452 IMG_8373 IMG_8372It was a pleasure working on these interesting and innovative pieces, along with seeing all the other wonderful works that were presented at this years London Collections Men, we can’t wait for next season!