Hawthorne & Heaney Embroiders Interiors

We have had a busy last year working on some fun projects that have pushed our boundaries and taught us a great deal. A few of these project have been Interior design based which usually involves working on quite a large scale. The first of these projects was with an interiors company called Flux Interiors who had a client who wanted to incorporate this dot in dot design onto a rich blue velvet.

Using Machine embroidery we embroidered the starburst across the headboard, cushions and also curtains. Working onto velvet gives a lovely, slightly sunken effect to the embroidery as the pile of the velvet peaks up with in the embroidery so you can see different parts of the embroidery depending on what angle you are viewing it at. The metallic thread gives the embroidery a bit of a lift and contrast the matte finish of the velvet.

The second project was for a company called Vertigo Properties for whom we created a series of wide satin stitch designs onto silk. The curtains can just be seen in the images below which had a Byzantine square design on the leadin edges.

As these curtains had a continuous design, the silk went through a rigorous marking up process to make the embroidery flow.

The marking up of the embroidery allowed us to match the patterns to each other so that they hang symetrically for that perfect finish.

The Square design continued in a slightly different vein onto the blinds in the hallways which had more of an art deco feel and were designed to continue to flow with the blinds were folded up as well as when down.

If you have an interiors project you would like to have us embroider some bespoke details into for you, get in touch and we can see what we can create for you.