Hawthorne & Heaney with MiH jeans

MIH mono jeans

For some time, we have been working with the highly covetable jeans brand, MiH. Building upon rich heritage of the family brand ‘Made in Heaven’; MiH has developed the ethos of creating the most perfectly fitting pair of jeans. They have revolutionised the very weave of denim with their ISKO reform technology and in 2011 expanded into ready to wear to compliment their signature jeans.

MiH shibori

Their website is well worth a look if you have a few moments, from it you get a real sense of the design skill and passion that goes into the MiH jeans from the heritage of the brand and its development, to the integration of the ancient dying technique, shibori. This attention to detail extends to the bespoke monogramming service they offer on their jeans with Hawthorne & Heaney. You can choose from a range of fonts and colours for your adopted characters which we will then precisely stitch into your denim. MIH bespoke

MIH sewing process

The monogramming technique we use for the jeans is a little fuller in body than we would usually create for initials being applied to more tailored garments. This gives the monogram a slightly rougher and hardier appearance which suits the denim much better and compliments the wash. The colours available range from the classic combinations of ecru, navy and biscuit against indigo to the more contemporary choices such as copper, charcoal and silver.


Blaire Edie BEE monogrammed MIH jeans

JK mnogrammed jeans MIH