Hawthorne & Heaney does #MachineMondays

If you are a follower of some of our social media outlets, you may becoming more familiar with our term #machinemondays. Once a week, the machine embroidery department takes a little breather from the orders and let the creativity loose. During this time, we have been developing a collection of samples to demonstrate the breadth of effects that can be created using machine embroidery processes. The result of which, we have come to know as #machinemondays.

We wanted to take the variety of stitches that are available on the CAD/CAM soft wear and hand and manipulate and combine them it in to create some more exciting embroidery, starting with the contour stitch, a simple running stitch, arranged into a fill to imply shape and form with the curves of the piece. Can be used to create ‘optical illusions’ by combining layers of contour stitch together where the stitch direction contradict each other.

contour stitch

Using white on white in this piece, contour stitch is used as in between the motifs to imply texture, while lightly padded lace applique with a satin edge creates relief.

lace applique

Satin stitched frogspawn and tadpole design onto sheer chiffon, gathered using the elastic bobbin Bernina.

frogspawn elastic

Admittedly, it doesn’t always go to plan, but that’s all part of the development process .

tried and failed

Other times, it works wonderfully and you are left with something very exciting after your tests, like this raised satin stitch cats eye on velvet.

Raised satin stitch eye

Or this delicate tiny cross stitch on satin.

cross stitch

To see the full collection which is housed at our Mill Street Office or discuss the development of your own idea, get in touch with us.