Hawthorne & Heaney at Topshop’s ‘Make It Your Own’

This weekend, Topshop Oxford Circus has invited all the personalisation services under the sun to congregate in thier flagship store so you can put your own spin on your new pieces. Hawthorne & Heaney has set up shop along with Personalised cupcakes at Lola’s and Skinny Dip’s Sticker Shop among many others for the ‘Make it your own’ campaign.

Picture 6

Our lovely ladies can work on most things in store, from denim jackets to PJs, hats to ties.

Picture 8

Up in Topman, we also have a station, adding monograms to tailoring and casual wear alike.Picture 9There is lots going on so if you are looking for somthing to do, come down and visit!

Picture 7